How can I contact MYLO?

If requesting support please include the following information in your email:
1. Detailed Description of the Issue.
2. Are you using an iPhone or Android phone,
3. The best way to reach you – email, text, or phone call.

What Devices are Supported?

For iPhones: iOS9 and above. Best viewed on iPhone 6 and above.
For Android: Android 4.0.3 and above and Android phones
MYLO also works on iPADs and Tablets.

If you are having trouble loading the app on your phone, iPAD or Tablet, please reach out to us as Please include the make and model of your device and we will try to resolve the issue.

Where do I find the User Guide?

The User Guide can be found in the Menu Tab under Settings or on our website ( under Library. How-to Videos are also available from the Menu Tab and our website (

What if the App freezes or crashes?

If your device freezes, stops responding, or gets stuck with a spinning wheel, try turning your phone off and on, then try to input again. Please reach out to us as and let us know what happened and we will try to resolve the issue.

Why does MYLO need access to my name and email address?

MYLO needs to identify its Users. It uniquely identifies its Users using their name and email address. This is needed in order to allow Users access when they are switching smartphones or tablets and/or to restore the MYLO app.

How secure is my personal information?

MYLO only has access to the Users name and email address. Information that the User stores in the App is NOT accessible to MYLO. The information resides on the Users smartphone or tablet. The User is responsible for determining if they want to share their information with another person (e.g. doctor, hospital, family member).

Is MYLO HIPAA Compliant?

Because MYLO is native to each User’s phone, and our company does not have access to the User’s information, we do not have to be HIPAA Compliant. If that changes we will notify our Users.

What happens if I get a new phone?

Because MYLO is native to your phone (information is not maintained in the cloud), you ABSOLUTELY MUST backup your information before you replace your phone. Please see the MYLO User Guide located on the app’s menu or our website for information regarding backup, restore and share.

What happens to my data if I accidentally delete the app, lose my phone or get a new phone?

If your information was NOT backed-up:
If you accidentally delete the App, lose your phone, or get a new phone and never backed up you data then you will lose the data and will have to reload your information. Since the data you enter is stored on your phone, it would be deleted if the app is deleted. It is recommended that you periodically back-up your data to your Dropbox account. The backed-up data can be restored at any point. It is important that you have a Dropbox account to back-up your data.

If your information is backed-up:
If you accidentally deleted the app, lost your phone, or got a new phone but you did back-up your data on Dropbox, then after you reload the App go to the Menu Bar and look for “BACKUP & SHARE YOUR INFORMATION”. Follow instructions for “RESTORE”. All of your information will be restored from your last backup

Do I need to Repurchase the App:
No, if you accidentally delete the App or buy a new phone you do not need to repurchase the App. Simply go to the applicable App Store and put it your user name.

Can I electronically share my information and family profiles?

MYLO provides Users with the ability to share their information electronically thereby avoiding the need to re-type the information. When you open the App look on the Menu for Settings. Once there you will see instructions for Backup, Restore, and Share.

How can I update MYLO to the newest version?

When an update is available, it will appear in the iTunes or Google Play Store. Also MYLO will send you a notification of the update. 

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MYLO provides a holistic approach to managing a person’s health care. In this one app you can keep medical information, names and addresses of your emergency contacts and health care providers, insurance cards, forms, prescriptions, advance care directives and more. For purposes of privacy and confidentiality information is stored on a user’s phone and not on a MYLO server. There are no advertisements. Users can set up profiles for each of their family members or loved ones and determine how much information they want to store or share.

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